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  • The site with the most votes will be number 1 in the topsite-list.

  • Ttrying to generate votes with scripts, autohitters, spam, unasked e-mail and all other methods which are not the result from a normal natural visitor is absolutely not allowed and will result in blacklisting.

  • Any use of hitbots, autohitters, or related will not work and will result in a ban and blacklisting of your site.

  • We don´t accept any automatic traffic. This includes putting the vote-link on pages which are running within automatic hitbots and related. You will be detected and will be blacklisted if you send unnatural traffic that way to our system.

  • Torrent-sites are not allowed.

  • Only sites of good taste are and with 100% legal content for international laws are allowed. Sites with sexually oriented content with underage (-18 years) models are never allowed and will be deleted. Also when the TopSite-list does accept adult sites. We reserve the right to refuse any site on this free system.

  • Always test before submitting if the URL of your website is working correctly.

  • If you use a banner test always if the URL of the banner is working in your browser.

  • Adding an adult website to a non adult toplist is NOT allowed and will result in blacklisting.

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